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THE KILLER VOL. 4: UNFAIR COMPETITION and THE KILLER OMNIBUS VOL. 1 are hitting comic shops on June 26th and wherever books are sold on July 9th! But…

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THE KILLER series follows a hitman who is as cool as they come—until he gets mixed up with the wrong people and all hell breaks loose.

Archaia continues its tradition of publishing high-quality English translations of some of Europe’s best comics!

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The Killer is a fucking awesome book. I can’t wait to get my hands on vol 4. Do yourselves a favor and pick up the first. (Or enter this contest- hell do both, you’ll want to)

Not saying this because Archaia is my publisher- but because The Killer is one of my top favorite books. Seriously.

It is an amazing book.

Model: Vaunt

photo Kristen Wrzesniewski / hair &amp; makeup Amber Lynne / stylist Lechuza Blanca Vintage / Austin, TX

Model: Vaunt

photo Kristen Wrzesniewski / hair & makeup Amber Lynne / stylist Lechuza Blanca Vintage / Austin, TX


“I saw Hawkwind in the 70s, and she came on and did her naked dancing, and then she went and got changed at the side of the stage in a little booth, and everyone rushed to watch her put her clothes back on!


i need to talk to you about Stacia Blake, the artist who danced with legendary space metal band Hawkwind between 1971 and 1975.

Hawkwind was pretty cool.  they had Lemmy for a while.  their album In Search of Space is considered one of the genre touchstones, and they’re actually still around and still making music.

but i’m not sure any of that would have gotten them anywhere without Stacia Blake, who absolutely defined their live shows during their formative years.

Blake had absolutely heroic proportions, and at 6’2”, in costumes and makeup (including very early corpse paint) she assembled herself, no one was looking at anything else onstage.  I’ve never seen footage of her dancing, but it was said to be incredible.

She has become a serious inspiration for Black Hole Wizard ever since I stumbled on photos of her in the Hawkwind page and started doing research.

Stacia joined the band in 1971; however accounts vary as to how and why she began working with the band. Liner notes to In Search of Spaceindicate that poet and lyricistRobert Calvertrecruited her for live shows; other sources state that she was a friend ofNik Turner, saxophonist and flautist for the band. In 2012, Turner told Mojo Magazine, “I met Stacia for the first time at theIsle of Wight… She said, “Can I dance with you?” and I said, “Yeah, but you must take off all your clothes and paint your body.” She took all her clothes off but unfortunately I didn’t have any body paint. That was like her audition.”[1]In an interview in British music magazine Melody Maker, Stacia herself stated that she attended a show and, inspired by the music, got on stage and performed an impromptu dance to the band’s music. She immediately became an integral part of the live show after joining in 1971.

According to a 1974 interview inPenthouse, Stacia was six feet tall and “happily bisexual”.[2]She regularly augmented her visual impact by performing topless or nude, her body decorated in iridescent or luminescent paint. In a 2007BBC Fourdocumentary,Lemmydescribed her as 6 ft 2 inches tall with a 52 inchbustand abookbinderby trade. The same documentary said that she was working as a petrol pump attendant in Cornwall when she joined the band.[3]

Stacia regarded what she did with the band asinterpretive dance, and was an integral part of the early to mid-1970s Hawkwind show, particularly during theSpace Ritual era. She left Hawkwind in 1975 after touring with them for theWarrior on the Edge of Timealbum. Her departure, along with that of Lemmy (who went on to form Motörhead) and Robert Calvert, signaled the end of an era; though Calvert, after a guest appearance with the band at the Reading festival, decided to rejoin the band full-time towards the end of that year.

Stacia Blake is currently a fine artist working in Ireland.